Dreamblog – The Laptop

ltopI was in an office supply store looking at the stuff in the computer department.  There was one employee working that department and he was busy with another customer.  The phone rang so I picked it up.  It was a young woman calling to see if there was a specific laptop in stock.  It was a model that was on sale and the shelf below the display was empty.

I walked to the back to see if there were any more. There were none in the store-room.  I walked back to the phone and told her that there were no more.  Only the display was left.  She told me that I was wrong.  There were more in stock.  She must have been looking at the website which was displaying an incorrect number of items in stock.  I told her again that we were out.  She again insisted that we had more.  I told her “OK, Thanks. Bye.”