Dreamblog – Amnesia in the Future City

ftrcty.jgI was in some kind of futuristic city and did not know who I was.  I was driving my car and was completely lost.  The roads did not seem to go where I wanted to go so I started off-roading along pipeline easements.

Eventually my car turned into a bicycle and I was riding inside a large building through hallways in people’s houses.  I didn’t know where I was.

Finally I stopped and a young boy took me into his apartment.  He and his family were very nice to me.  We found my wallet with a business card that said, Chris Cross and/or Van Morison.   They told me that I was a famous musician who in his younger years was known as Cris Cross and later called himself Van Morrison.  I still didn’t know for sure what that was.

We looked up my home address in the system.  A 3-D cube representation of the city showed my current location and the location of my home on an upper level.  In this futuristic city, regular people were not allowed to go up or down to different levels depending on their caste.   I thanked and said goodby to the family then went out to find an elevator.

I walked down the city’s hallways.  Near the elevator were a few guys standing by the door.  I took little notice of them.  I was more concerned on how to access the elevator.  There was a slot in the wall so I inserted my “business card”,  The doors opened and I walked in along with the waiting two guys.

The inside of the elevator was spacious and contained s a female operator who got ready to start the ride.  Suddenly the two guys pulled out guns and started shooting.  There were not aiming at me or the attendant.  She screamed, “Get down!” and I slunk down the wall.

Eventually the shooters were either killed or gone.  The attendant spoke to me in gibberish. I recognized the words but they were random English words that made no sense together. Picture frame Bathroom.  She pushed a pad of paper toward me and smiled.  I guessed that she wanted my autograph.  I still really didn’t know who I was so I picked up a pen and wrote Chris Cross.  She frowned and pushed the pad back to me.  I figured she wanted my real autograph so I wrote, Van Morrison.  She was satisfied.



Just how evil am I?

amblnceToday I got to work and noticed that I had left my cell phone at home.  Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal because I don’t live and die by my cell phone like most of the cell-zombies out there.   I am expecting a call today so I decided to head back home and get it.

As I turned a corner near my house, I saw a guy who fell off his bike.  He tried to get up and fell over backwards in the street.  He sat up and just sat there.  I thought, out loud even, “He must be drunk.”  I drove on by and went home where I brought the trash can around back, and petted the cat.

After a little while, I decided to head back to work.  I turned the corner and there was the guy with an ambulance and two police cars.  He was in serious medical trouble and I had just driven by while he was having a heart attack or something.

What kind of asshole am I?  By this test, one of the worst there is.  It didn’t occur to me for more than a passing millisecond to stop and ask if he was OK.  If it was me laying there dying on the street I would sure hope the first passerby would stop to help.  I don’t know exactly what to attribute my indifference to human suffering to.

Just the other day, I saw some video on the news of a pedestrian being hit by a car.  I laughed out loud!

Damn!  If there is a Heaven, I am going to have to answer some serious questions at the gate.  I wonder what it would take for me to change.  What could possibly instill love for other human beings?   Perhaps it is the experience of love itself.  I’ll never know love so I may be doomed.



Memory – The Magic Sparkle

sprkleOne night, when I was a little boy, I looked out my bedroom window into the darkness and saw something sparkling out in the street.  I knew it had to be a piece of glass that caught the streetlight just right but my imagination wandered.

It seemed to spin like a top.  I imagined it was a little magic particle calling me outside to take me on a magic journey.

I stared at it for a long time before finally going to sleep.

The First Cool Front of Fall 2013

brthfrlyThere’s magic in the air!  The world is suddenly clearer and larger.

As the calendar indicates the first day of Autumn, the first cool front of the year struggles weakly through Texas.  The long heat-beleaguered people of San Antonio wake to find an alien world outside their doors.  A world of comfort not experienced in over eight months.

The cool front brought both rain and dry air.  The brown lawns are strangely green and cool under your toes.  The dense, stagnant, humid air now fresh and breathable.

I feel like the world has been reborn.  I am once more a real person able to go outside and enjoy a planet larger than my heavily air conditioned house.

Magic really does exist.

1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial fixup

myrvWork on my new motor home is slowing down a bit.  I have most of the important things taken care of and the rest is on order.  I ordered a replacement cooling unit for the fridge.  It should be here soon.  I ordered a spare tire cover, roof seam tape, a replacement roof vent cap, a RV GPS unit, A rear-view camera & monitor that clips on the useless rear view mirror.

Yesterday I scraped off the old purpling window tint.  It looks much nicer now.  I also finished attaching the buttons to the washed upholstery covers.  That took longer than I expected.

My next projects will be to seal the roof seams when the tape arrives. Take it in for a tune up on Monday.  Remove and reseal the windows.  See if I can polish the paint.  Replace a leaky seal in the shower faucet. Remove some rust on the metal below the rear bumper and paint.   Change the oil and filter in the generator and fix the interior generator control switch.  The clips that hold the venetian blinds at the bottoms are mostly broken or missing.  I think I am going to see if I can use my new 3D printer to make some.

I need to inspect and clean and check the oil on the hydraulic levelers and look around underneath for anything needing attention.

Later projects include new flooring and Interior LED lighting.

Motorhome Day 3

It is day three of owning my new 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial Motor Home.  I am having a blast.  Just having it in the driveway for me to work on is worth the $4000 alone.  Actually using it for camping is just a bonus.

The number of things that need to be done are getting smaller.  Today I replaced the stripped oil drain plug that was dripping my new oil on the driveway.  I had to drain the new oil into a bucket, change the plug then pour it back in.  The new oil is already black.  The engine must be quite dirty inside.  I will change it again after the first trip.  Maybe try some kind of flush. Eventually I will get it nice and clean.

I went ahead and unzipped the cushion covers and washed them.  Nice.

I called the insurance company and set up insurance so everything is legal now.  After working up the courage, I took it out for a spin around the neighborhood to get a feel for it.  It drives like a tank.  This thing is huge!  I think I am going to take it to a place nearby and have them do a tuneup and check on a leak in the exhaust manifold.  You can hear it ticking.

The automatic transmission seems to be working just fine.  I was worried about it mostly just because it would be one of the suckiest things that could go wrong.  I am satisfied with that.

The old Ford E350 Engine seems to be very easy to get parts for.  I have been pleasantly surprised that I can just go to the auto parts store and walk out with almost whatever I need.  After years of owning foreign cars and having to order parts on a slow boat from China, it’s really nice to get what you need quickly.

I took off one of the front wheels and looked at the brakes.  The pads look fine but the caliper is quite rusty.  I guess that’s OK.  I wasn’t sure if I could use it for this, but the RV has hydraulic levelers.  I was able to extend the right front leveler and raise the tire off the ground for removal.  Damn!  That sure beats jacking it up by hand.  What an awesome feature.  All cars should have these.  I would think it would be a great option.

The major stuff, other than the roofing sealant which should come in the mail soon, has been handled.  Once I get the tuneup I could actually hit the road.   The weather should cool off enough in a few weeks to make camping enjoyable.


Workin’ on the ol’ motorhome

myrvI am having an enormous amount of fun.  It’s day two of having my “new to me” RV parked in my driveway.  It is a 27 foot  1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial.  I’ve spent the last two days exploring every nook and cranny getting to know it so it is less scary.   It is starting to get smaller now.  I’ve done a lot of small things that needed fixing and are easily done.

I started out with an oil and filter change, air filter change, and added some Transmission fluid.  They were all extremely easy.  During that time I learned a lot about the engine specifications and locations of things.  The engine is now less of a intimidating tangle of hoses and wires.  It is still a HUGE engine my my standards.  It’s a 7.5 Litre monster.  I’ve never owned anything over 1.8L.  I am still freaking out about that.  I might take it out for a spin around the block tomorrow to get a feel for it.  I don’t have insurance yet.  I could do that tomorrow too.

There was a a coating of grease on the bottom of the engine and transmission so I bought some degreaser and hit it with some water.  It was a stubborn coat so I’m not sure how well it worked.  I’ll check it tomorrow after it dries.  The top of the engine is pretty clean and dry around the valve covers.  That’s very nice to see.

I also degreased the generator as much as possible.  It has grease on top.  How weird.  I got much of it off.

Lets see.  I also experimented with removing the cover from one of the foam upholstery pads and ran it through the wash and dry.  It seemed to survive nicely so tomorrow I’ll do the rest.

The cooling unit on the fridge is dead.  I took the fridge out, cleaned around it and looked for model numbers.  None to be found.  It is going to take some detective work to figure out part to order.  Around $300-600.  I might buy a new fridge for around $1000.   I might just leave it broken for the first few trips.  I don’t really see a lot of need for a fridge right away.  An Ice chest will do for now.

It rained off and on most of the day so I did a Mexican wash job.  I put on my swimsuit and got a bucket of soapy water and gave it a basic wash job in the rain to see what is dirt, what is rust and what is just oldness.  Tomorrow I might try a little wax and polish in a few places to see if the paint can be revived at all.

Between the rain and the hose I found a leak near one of the front top windows.  A you-tube video seems to indicate that resealing RV windows is quite easy.  I might take a crack at it soon.

The sealing material along the seams on the roof is cracking.  It doesn’t seem to be leaking yet but I ordered the proper sealant from Amazon.com to fill in the cracks so I don’t have to worry about leaks.  Leaks are the worst thing there is on an RV.  Interior damage can be extensive.  This one looks virtually un-water-damaged and I would like to keep it that way.  Amazon indicates that the order already shipped so I might get it in a few days.  It would be nice to get that taken care of quickly.  Unfortunately this week is scheduled to be unusually rainy.  Figures…  Eight months of drought in Texas and when I want it to be dry it is all rainy.  At least the clouds are keeping it cooler however the humidity is very unpleasant.

I don’t plan on fixing everything right way but I would like to do more.  I am taking tomorrow off from work to spend another day on it.  So much fun!

I stopped by a storage place just down the street.  They charge $72 per month.  That’s more than I expected but I can afford it so what the hell.  There are some cheaper places but they are farther away.  I’ll pay the higher cost for convenience for now while I am working on it.  I think I am going to tempt fate and keep it at my house until either I am finished with the initial work on it or until I get a letter from the HOA with a warning.  That will come sooner or later and I’ll hope for later.  Might as well get away with it for as long as possible.  My neighborhood is massive-huge so unless a neighbor complains it may not be noticed for a long time.  Cross your fingers for me.

As I expected, this project is doing me a world of good.  I feel like a totally different person.  Almost like a normal guy.  Having a fun project takes your mind off the stupid things you think about all the time getting you mired deeper and deeper in you own psyche.   That’s bad.

It’s also nice to not go to work.  I could get used to this.  Early retirement might agree with me.

On the flip side, I feel a little like an old man with an RV. That’s weird.  But actually,  I’m a middle-aged man with an RV and that’s AWESOME!