I was feeling change in the air and I think I have experienced some of it.  I was reluctant to write this entry fearing it might be yet another “Feeling Better” post.  Yes.  I am feeling better but it is probably just another dip on the roller coaster of my life.   I felt it would be good to write this down for future reference.

The change I am referring to is one of acceptance.  I am in the process of investing $100k that was just sitting in checking accounts.  That money, being so liquid, was a major component of my thinking about leaving San Antonio.  It will be invested in a high gain stock market portfolio and a high return mutual fund portfolio.  It is likely to make 15-20 percent.   If it was to make 10% that would be an annual income of $10,000.  I currently live with annual expenses of $15,000.  Really!  I don’t spend a lot of money.   I am not into material things and really don’t want much.  I buy only what I need and I don’t need anything.  That’s why I have $100K sitting around.   My post-retirement life will be even less expensive.  I could easily manage on $15K a year or less.  

I am happy with my new investment plan. It will be a great way to put my money to work for me so my future will be even better.  It also means that it will be locked up for 3-5 years helping me to have reason to hold my life as-is.  It is a feeling of relief to not be quite so uptight about it.

It doesn’t mean that I HAVE to stay put.  I have enough liquid cash and paid off mortgage house value that I can still do whatever I want with my life.  I can still bug-out at any moment if I get fired or something.   Should my investments return awesome cash,  my still early retirement will be all the more relaxing. 

For now, I am going to relax a bit.  Considering the slowly approaching winter season, I will also enjoy some relief from the heat.  That always does me good.  Come on winter!

In order to occupy my empty spare time, I am once again considering the purchase of an RV.  A smaller one, I think, would be more appropriate.  It will be part project to restore/remodel and part escape from Mundania.   Both are equally important to my well-being.  The Fall travel season has started for me since the weather will be cooling off and the masses are back in school and work for the year giving me freedom to move about the country.

I feel some sense of relief right now.  It is a wonderful thing.  If it wasn’t for my stupid brain, life would be so easy.