Not enjoying Under The Dome


I have been watching the series, “Under The Dome” based on the book by Steven king.  I have to say that I am not enjoying it.  It’s not at all what I want to see.

Do people like this kind of thing?

I wanted to see a small town cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible dome but there are too many bad people and corruption.  I wanted to see people working together to create their own utopian society where everyone is happy without the need for interaction with the rest of the world.  Not that I expect that from Steven King but I want to see someone write it.

Why are stories like that so hard to find?  Is humanity so awful that such a thing is impossible?  I need escape from this horrible world to see that a happy life is possible.

I’m going to have to stop watching this show.  I just can’t relate to why these people are acting like that.  I don’t understand.  Is the fact that Big Jim was selling drugs the whole thing behind his actions?  Is it really that big of a deal?  Half the people in this town seem to be mentally challenged.