Why are all my decisions so difficult?

clpprDammit Dammit Dammit!
Why is everything I try to do so difficult?  Today I went to look at a smaller Motorhome.  It is a 1980 American Clipper van-based RV.   It looks pretty cool and has a lot of character.  It is a little rough inside but nothing I can’t spruce up.  The outside is mostly good except for some chipping/flaking of the fiberglass on one side.

My biggest concern is the engine and transmission.  The transmission is leaking.  It appears to be just the pan seal which is easily fixed.  The engine runs fine but the A/C compressor is seized.  Replaceable but not real easy due to the tight quarters in the engine compartment.   Still not impossible.

It has over 70,000 miles which isn’t too bad but the thing is soooo old.  My first car was a 1980 Toyota Corolla that I had hundreds of years ago.  Ancient history.  This Motorhome is the same age.  I could probably manage it and whip it into shape but….

The alternative might be to buy a trailer.  For about the same price I can buy a 90’s trailer which would be much nicer.  The only problem would be that I would have to buy a truck as well.  I see some good 90’s model trucks on Cragslist in the $2000 range.  I could conceivably buy a truck and a trailer for around $5000.  That’s not a bad idea.  I could use the truck occasionally to haul stuff.  The con of this option would be the maneuverability issue.  Having to back up with a trailer is an art in itself.  I am afraid.  I imagine I could become good at it eventually.  I can do anything I put my mind to.

Either way I would have to pay monthly storage because I can’t keep it at my house due to Nazi Homeowners Association rules.  It would cost approximately $60 a month.  Not too bad.  Most people pay more than that for a cell phone each month.

A third alternative would be to get a smaller pop-up trailer that would fit in my garage.  I don’t think I want to go quite that small so I will probably ignore this alternative.

So… This is a complicated situation.  I guess I should not think about it quite so much and just jump into something.  You never know for sure until you get into it.

Quite the First-World Country situation, huh?  People are starving and dying in wars around the world and I am arguing with myself about what kind of RV to get.  Sad in a way.

I am leaning towards the trailer at this point.  I think I’ll just relax a bit and keep my eye on Craigslist and see if something pops up that floats my boat.  It is unwise to get all anxious about something like this.  I have found in my life that if you wait long enough, whatever you want will come to you.   In this case, I doubt that someone will give me a motorhome anytime soon so I better at least try.

I think it is very important in this time of my life to get one.  It could actually be a matter of life and death.  Having a way to get out of town and enjoy the country may be just what I need to make life worth living once again.  At least for a little while.  I might even take up fishing.  Something I haven’t done in 30 years.

I’m right on the edge of making it happen.  I expect I will own something in the next week or so.  I would really like to do it during the Fall season and the weather is nice.  Wish me luck.

Let me know if you want to donate your RV to my cause… 🙂

A few minutes later….

Now I am leaning back the other way to the American Clipper Motorhome.  See What I have to deal with?

Less than an hour later…

Baboom!  See!  It comes to me when I need it.  I just refreshed my Craigslist search and up popped a better deal.  I am going to check it out tomorrow.  I have a good feeling about this one.  I’ll post the results.  Cross your fingers for me.