Motorhome Day 3

It is day three of owning my new 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial Motor Home.  I am having a blast.  Just having it in the driveway for me to work on is worth the $4000 alone.  Actually using it for camping is just a bonus.

The number of things that need to be done are getting smaller.  Today I replaced the stripped oil drain plug that was dripping my new oil on the driveway.  I had to drain the new oil into a bucket, change the plug then pour it back in.  The new oil is already black.  The engine must be quite dirty inside.  I will change it again after the first trip.  Maybe try some kind of flush. Eventually I will get it nice and clean.

I went ahead and unzipped the cushion covers and washed them.  Nice.

I called the insurance company and set up insurance so everything is legal now.  After working up the courage, I took it out for a spin around the neighborhood to get a feel for it.  It drives like a tank.  This thing is huge!  I think I am going to take it to a place nearby and have them do a tuneup and check on a leak in the exhaust manifold.  You can hear it ticking.

The automatic transmission seems to be working just fine.  I was worried about it mostly just because it would be one of the suckiest things that could go wrong.  I am satisfied with that.

The old Ford E350 Engine seems to be very easy to get parts for.  I have been pleasantly surprised that I can just go to the auto parts store and walk out with almost whatever I need.  After years of owning foreign cars and having to order parts on a slow boat from China, it’s really nice to get what you need quickly.

I took off one of the front wheels and looked at the brakes.  The pads look fine but the caliper is quite rusty.  I guess that’s OK.  I wasn’t sure if I could use it for this, but the RV has hydraulic levelers.  I was able to extend the right front leveler and raise the tire off the ground for removal.  Damn!  That sure beats jacking it up by hand.  What an awesome feature.  All cars should have these.  I would think it would be a great option.

The major stuff, other than the roofing sealant which should come in the mail soon, has been handled.  Once I get the tuneup I could actually hit the road.   The weather should cool off enough in a few weeks to make camping enjoyable.