Halloween Sucks


It’s October 31st and the sun is setting outside my window.  Any moment now my neighborhood will be bursting with costumed children chaperoned by their parents.

Halloween used to be a thing.  Now it’s not.

I remember hitting the streets with my friends (no parents) and begging for candy until we dropped on the lawn unable to move an inch.   That was the 70s.

Now it is the second decade of the 2000s and I am sitting here in a rapidly darkening room with the porch light off waiting for Charlie Brown to come on.  I’ll sit on my couch and eat my bowl of candy all by myself.  Then I’ll go to bed and wake up for work tomorrow.

What a wonderful life.



An Open Letter to the World on Behalf of U.S. Citizens

trnflgOn behalf of the Citizens of the United States, I would like to apologize to all the other countries of Earth.  Please do not judge us by the actions of our government.   The U.S. Government, which was originally constructed of the people, by the people, for the people, has now become a bloated self-sustaining monster.

The U.S. Government is now completely out of the control of the people it represents and acts randomly without our approval.  We are sorry for all the spying.  It was not our idea.  We are sorry for all the wars.  We do not like war.  We are sorry for all the interference in your business.  We prefer to keep to ourselves.  Live and let live.  The average citizen is a peace-loving person.

If all the actions of our government had to be approved by the citizens, the United States would not be what you see today.   A recent example surfaced with the threat of U.S. attack on Syria.  The uproar from the people played an important part in the decision to step back.

The majority of the government’s problem is the unnecessary fixation on terrorism and safety.  We are in the process of losing all the rights that make living in the United States so great.  All in the name of security.  The average citizen is not that concerned about security.  It is the government’s over-reaction that is putting the country on edge.

Once again, I ask  you not to judge the citizens by the actions of our government.  Outdated laws and corruption make it impossible for us to do anything about it.

Please accept our apologies.  The U.S. knows not what it does.

Uptight even in my dreams

I haven’t posted any of my dreams lately.  Most of the time they are fragmented and indescribable.  I haven’t really been trying either. 

One recurring aspect of my dreams is that I am just as uptight in my subconscious as I am in my waking hours.  I often awake wondering why I didn’t do something in my dream that I really want to have done.  It would have been so easy yet the same stupid limitations that I apply to real life are not suspended in the dream world.  I guess that shows just how deeply entrenched those ideas are.

I am a well programmed robot.  Maybe I should figure out and write down those laws.  It might help me make sense of it all.


What’s up with all this baseball?

hmrbsballIt’s Sunday night in October and I want to relax and watch all the great animation on Fox.  The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad.  The best shows ever on TV.

But what do I see?  Baseball Baseball Baseball.  What the hell?  It’s like the World Series or something.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Who watches baseball?  Nobody watches that except the player’s Moms.

What the heck is ESPN for?  Play that shit over there.  I want my Simpsons.

Battery problem averted

crbtryWhile I worked on other parts of my old motorhome, it sat in the driveway without being started for a few weeks.   Yesterday I thought I would start it up to make sure the engine was still happy.  I turned the key and….Nothing.  Oh, Snap!  Is the battery dead already?  It is at least a few years old.  What if it is OK and something else is broken?

It was late and I didn’t have a lot of time to investigate.  My mind spun about it all night and during work today.  I wouldn’t mind buying a fresh battery but if the problem was elsewhere, It would suck muchly.

I had always wanted to buy a battery load tester so now that I have a good reason, I dropped by the brand newly opened Harbor Freight Tools store and picked one up for $19.99.    I brought it home and hoped that it indicated that the battery was bad.  It showed that the battery was fine.  Uh. oh.

Leaving the key in the on position, I touched a screwdriver across the starter relay to see if the starter would turn.  It clicked and I happened to notice a super-tiny spark between the positive terminal of the battery and the battery cable.  A-HAH!  Sometimes something so small can tell you so much if you are observant enough.  That spark indicated that even though the connection looked and felt tight, it was just not tight enough.  Possibly corroded.

I took my battery terminal cleaner and freshened up both the terminals and the cables.  I reconnected them tightening them properly with a wrench.  Feeling confident, I went back into the cab and turned the key.   The starter cranked to life and the engine roared.  It was quite the relief to my anxiety-ridden mind.  Good as new and cost me nothing but a battery tester that I wanted anyway.

Damn I’m good!

When to stop talking


There are times when less is more.  So many well-known cliches support the idea that too much information is not always helpful to the situation at hand.

I have recently cultivated the ability to recognize just what needs to be said and what needs to be left unsaid.  I am still not a Master but it has already paid off for me.  Keeping it simple not only applies to audible conversation but email and texts too.

I find it best, when someone asks me a question, to answer simply and not offer extra details or hint at other possible solutions or ideas.  These all lead to more conversation and even worse, unwanted labor on my part.   A simple Yes or No will often suffice.  It doesn’t always have to be backed up by facts or reasoning.  If those things are required, they will be requested.  If not, you just saved yourself time and energy.

As a byproduct of not over sharing, you appear to be more “together”.  You might be thought to know what you are talking about even if you’re just making stuff up.

As an example:  I could go on and ramble some more but I’m just going to stop now.  My point has been made.

RV Refrigerator Repair Wrap-Up

frdgeIt’s finally done!   After replacing the cooling unit on my Norcold motorhome refrigerator I found that I had damaged the propane line when I originally wrestled it out.  Hence the lesson learned: Pay attention and don’t rush things.   I didn’t disconnect everything before trying to pull it out.

The electric mode worked fine but the pinhole leak prevented me from using it in gas mode.  I put it off for a while because to fix it, I would have to pull the whole fridge out again and dig into the wood floor below the unit.   I finally forced myself to do it today.

I went to Lowes and bought 10 feet of 3/4 inch copper tubing and some flare connectors.   The damage to the line was too close to the floor to work with so I found the connection below the RV where it connected to the main line.  I disconnected it and pulled out the whole branch.

After flaring one end I connected it to the main line and pushed the rest up through the existing hole in the floor.  I bent the tube around and cut it off to line up with the connection on the fridge valve solenoid.  I flared the other end and hooked it up.  After testing the connections with a little soapy water I fired it up.   It was wonderful to hear the electronic lighter spark up the gas burner with a lovely woosh.

I can finally mark “Refrigerator” off my to do list.  Woo hoo!  Damn I’m good.  Damn I’m tired.