Motorhome Roof Sealing

rfbforeThe roof seams of my new old motorhome look pretty bad.  They don’t appear to be leaking but the sealant has lost its usefulness.   Rather than using the same old Dicor Lap Sealant I decided to try a new product called Eternabond.  It is a tape that is supposed to easily seal the seams and last longer.  That sounds good to me.  I bought a 50 foot roll of 6 inch wide Eternabond from and finally got around to doing it today.

rfafterAfter removing the old Dicor sealant, I cleaned the area around the seam with a little soap and water using one of those yellow and green kitchen scrubby sponges.

Next I took some paper towels and double-cleaned the area with mineral spirits.Once dry, I cut the tape to size and went over the seams pressing firmly to achieve a good seal.


rfallHere you can see the front end of the Motorhome safely and reliably sealed.

I am bushed so I think I will have to wait until after work tomorrow or Tuesday to do the back.  There’s no rain in the forecast, as usual, so I don’t have to rush it.   I also used some dicor to seal around the television antenna.  It was just as bad.

It is nice to finally get this part of the project started.  Leaks are one of the greatest worries of an RV owner.  A little water can do big damage inside.  I will feel much relieved once this part is completed.  I hope I have enough tape.  I think it will be just enough.