RV Refrigerator Repair Wrap-Up

frdgeIt’s finally done!   After replacing the cooling unit on my Norcold motorhome refrigerator I found that I had damaged the propane line when I originally wrestled it out.  Hence the lesson learned: Pay attention and don’t rush things.   I didn’t disconnect everything before trying to pull it out.

The electric mode worked fine but the pinhole leak prevented me from using it in gas mode.  I put it off for a while because to fix it, I would have to pull the whole fridge out again and dig into the wood floor below the unit.   I finally forced myself to do it today.

I went to Lowes and bought 10 feet of 3/4 inch copper tubing and some flare connectors.   The damage to the line was too close to the floor to work with so I found the connection below the RV where it connected to the main line.  I disconnected it and pulled out the whole branch.

After flaring one end I connected it to the main line and pushed the rest up through the existing hole in the floor.  I bent the tube around and cut it off to line up with the connection on the fridge valve solenoid.  I flared the other end and hooked it up.  After testing the connections with a little soapy water I fired it up.   It was wonderful to hear the electronic lighter spark up the gas burner with a lovely woosh.

I can finally mark “Refrigerator” off my to do list.  Woo hoo!  Damn I’m good.  Damn I’m tired.