An Open Letter to the World on Behalf of U.S. Citizens

trnflgOn behalf of the Citizens of the United States, I would like to apologize to all the other countries of Earth.  Please do not judge us by the actions of our government.   The U.S. Government, which was originally constructed of the people, by the people, for the people, has now become a bloated self-sustaining monster.

The U.S. Government is now completely out of the control of the people it represents and acts randomly without our approval.  We are sorry for all the spying.  It was not our idea.  We are sorry for all the wars.  We do not like war.  We are sorry for all the interference in your business.  We prefer to keep to ourselves.  Live and let live.  The average citizen is a peace-loving person.

If all the actions of our government had to be approved by the citizens, the United States would not be what you see today.   A recent example surfaced with the threat of U.S. attack on Syria.  The uproar from the people played an important part in the decision to step back.

The majority of the government’s problem is the unnecessary fixation on terrorism and safety.  We are in the process of losing all the rights that make living in the United States so great.  All in the name of security.  The average citizen is not that concerned about security.  It is the government’s over-reaction that is putting the country on edge.

Once again, I ask  you not to judge the citizens by the actions of our government.  Outdated laws and corruption make it impossible for us to do anything about it.

Please accept our apologies.  The U.S. knows not what it does.