Dreamblog – The Murder of Jack Black

jkblkI was driving down the road with a female friend.  We noticed a rural road leading off through the trees and decided to follow it.  It wound through a country neighborhood to where we happened upon a house for sale.  I liked the way it looked so we stopped and walked around the property.  After a short time it felt like we were trespassing so we sneaked out hoping not to be seen.

We had to walk down the road to where my car was parked.  We passed another house with a police car in front of it.  The cop was standing next to the car and I heard him speak into his radio, “We are detaining suspects in the murder of Jack Black.”  We kept walking past the house where the front door was open and a body was sitting slumped in a chair in the doorway.

I was making the remark to my friend that I though Jack Black was already dead.  We were only a few yards from my Porsche parked by the roadside when a cop ran in front of us pointing to a nearby wall and saying something I couldn’t understand.  It seemed he wanted us to put our hands on the wall.  We were about to be arrested for murder.

I woke up.

I hope this isn’t some kind of premonition.  I like Jack Black.  Kung Fu Panda!

Whoah!  As I was writing this I looked up to the TV and saw Jack Black.  Freaky.