Corned Beef Hash?

crnbfhshWhen I was shopping the other day I happened across a wild can of Corned Beef Hash.  I’ve never tried such a thing before but the picture on the can looked good so I bought one.

I had no idea how it should be cooked or eaten so I decided to fry it up in a frying pan.  It looked rather bland so I added some black pepper and some of my special chili piquin powder.

I was right.  It was bland.  Still not sure I was doing it right, I Googled, “How do people eat corned beef hash.”  I came upon the question with a thread of answers.  None of them sounded especially good.  I’m sure home-made hash might be far better than canned hash but still it couldn’t be THAT much better.  It made me wonder,  “Who eats corned beef hash?” and “Why?”

I guess it is a northern thing for elderly white people who have a taste for the tasteless.  Most commonly used as a breakfast food, I find myself wondering what the point is.  Why have “hash” when you can just have better things like eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, cereal, breakfast tacos, toast?

I find corned beef hash to be unnecessary.


2 thoughts on “Corned Beef Hash?

  1. Homemade corned beef hash is delicious and doesn’t taste anything like the stuff in a can. I’d recommend going to a restaurant that has it and ask them if it’s homemade. If so, it should be good.

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