Remotely lock your Windows Workstation using email.

remtlckHave you ever stepped away from your computer and wished you had locked the screen?  Maybe the boss might walk by and see the game you shouldn’t have been playing?  You’re leaving for lunch and don’t want to go back to the office just to lock your screen.  If you leave Microsoft Outlook open all the time, then here’s a simple way to do it using email from your phone.

First go to Notepad and type: (cut and paste)
rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation
Save the file as lock.bat changing the file type to All Files (*.*)

Go to the Account Information section of Outlook and find Rules and Alerts.  Depending on your version it may be found in different places.

Create a new rule.  Select On this computer only, with Specific Words in the subject from people or public group.

Set the from people or public group to your account name so that only you may lock your computer.

Set the Specific Words in the subject to be LOCK.

Click Next and select Start Application.  For the value type enter the path to your lock.bat file.  Ex:  c:\lock.bat

Click next and name the rule something like “Remote Lock” then click Finish.

Now, pull out your phone and send an email to yourself with the word LOCK in the subject.  Your machine should lock when the message is received.

Cool, huh?