Exercise in Futility

excerciseMy doctor wants me to exercise because my cholesterol is slightly high.   During the summer my excuse is that it is far too hot outside.  It’s 105 degrees so I’m not lying.

My exercise of choice would be, I guess, bicycle riding.  It is far better on your knees than walking and running.

Now that it is November and the weather is comfortable, I just plain don’t want to.  I have great difficulty exercising for the sake of exercising.  There has to be more to it than just that.  In reality, there is pretty much nothing that I want to actually do that could be classified as exercise.

I don’t deny the fact that exercise is good for you.  I do, however, believe that the drug companies are responsible for setting the unrealistically low cholesterol target number.  It used to be higher but they lobbied to have it lowered so more people would have to buy statins.  They even brainwashed the doctors with kickbacks for prescribing them.  I see what you did there!  I’m on to you!

Unless I get some good motivation, getting that exercise is going to be impossible.  Usually the best motivation for most people is a heart attack.  I don’t necessarily fear a heart attack.  That’s how my father died.  It was quick.  It would be a wonderful way off this planet.  That’s not such a bad thing.

I think the road to getting over my aversion to exercise by just getting over exercise.  Screw that.  It’s not going to happen and I can’t waste my life being concerned about it.  It feels good to let go of things you can never achieve.