Cool weather is so magical

cllwthrIt has been quite cold in San Antonio for the past few days in the last week of November.  Overcast and temps in the upper 30s to low 40s.  It is very unusual to be so cold for so long so early in the year.  Winter doesn’t usually show its teeth until February and then suddenly goes away.

It is so weird to go outside and feel the cold.  Keeping cool in the long 100 degree summer days takes so much energy that it makes me think that this free cold must be costing somebody a fortune to create.

It is so wonderful and magical.  The leaves haven’t fallen off the trees yet but they are thinking about it.  I am really appreciating being able to wear warm clothing.  It feels like I have somebody to hug me.  I love it.  Too bad I will probably have to put the shorts back on next week.  Why can’t good things last just a little longer?

I just came in from a couple of hours of naked hot tubbing.  It was so awesome!  I wonder if we will finally get some snow this year?   I’ve been waiting since 1986 for another round.