Dreamblog – Corpse Art

I was in my strange dilapidated dream mansion.  I went upstairs to the restroom.  There was a short bridge walkway across tall hallway at the top of the stairs.  The bridge had a moving sidewalk and no handrails.  It looked dangerous.  I pondered the reason for a moving walkway in this location.  There were many rooms in this mansion that I have yet to visit.  Who knows what waits in the other rooms.

I went downstairs to the basement.  There appeared to be a lot of people there.  I walked through the room and noticed that none of them was moving.  Upon closer examination I realized that they were dead corpses that had been set in various poses.  It was some kind of art display.  I wanted to talk to the artist but he was hiding above the ceiling tiles and I couldn’t speak to him.

I left the room and came back later.  The artist had come down from the ceiling and was turning off the lights.  I said, “Dude.  I like your art but you can’t keep them here.”  The sickly sweet smell of embalming fluid and dying flesh was making me sick.  Just as I finished my sentence, two FBI agents barged into the room holding their badges up.   They arrested the artist.


2 thoughts on “Dreamblog – Corpse Art

  1. Gary Pete

    that’s really bizarre – some of my dreams don’t make sense either, but frequently they are a re-hash of an experience or something that i saw or read the previous day – my subconscious mind trying to ‘grok’ things

  2. I seldom have dreams about real life. It’s mostly weird things that I’ve never seen before and places I’ve never been. It really makes me wonder. Click the Dreams category on the right to see all the dreams I’ve blogged over the years.

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