Fifty Years of Doctor Who

Me as Peter Davison’s Doctor

I’m not being hipster-ish when I say, “I was a fan of Doctor Who before it was cool.”

Back in the early 80’s a high-school friend and I were heavy into Doctor Who.  I even went to a party dressed as Peter Davison.  I had the celery on my lapel and a sonic screwdriver.

The sad thing is that the wonderful awesomeness was cut short when the local PBS station, KLRN, decided that Doctor Who was too expensive.  Back in the days before the internet there were no alternative ways of getting it.  As a result we were plunged into decades of darkness despite numerous unanswered letters to the station pleading for its return.  We completely missed all of the new episodes of Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker.  It was the saddest thing in the world.  I have never forgiven KLRN for their crime.

We were without The Doctor from 1989 to 2005 when the new series started up.  I still need to catch up on those missed episodes.  I’ve seen a few but have many left. That’s kind of good thing.

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor.


One thought on “Fifty Years of Doctor Who

  1. Gary Pete

    I never was a Dr Who fan, but maybe i should take another look at it now that i’m older –
    I used to watch Patrick McGoohan in “The Prisoner” but it was a little hard to follow

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