Dreamblog – The Old Restroom

pprstrmI wrote once before warning you about this.  If it is early morning and you have to go pee but don’t want to get out of bed.  Don’t hold it and go back to sleep.  You will have restroom dreams.

I was working in and old building on and old military base.  My building had only one restroom and some people were having a meeting in it.  Table and everything!  I really had to go so I went to the next building.

After finally finding the restroom I walked in.  It a huge, ancient room. The only light was what little filtered through the dirt covered windows.  The tile floor was broken and covered in puddles of water.  I jumped from dry spot to dry spot in my bare feet.  Gross!

There were many different areas containing oversized and strangely shaped porcelain objects, some of which I couldn’t recognize.  Some were empty spaces where something should have been.

I found what I guessed to be a urinal and started to unzip my pants.  A woman was standing there and looked freaked out that I was about to pee in it.  I decided from her reaction that it wasn’t a urinal and moved on.   I found some toilet stalls that had hanging plants in them.   I moved the plants out of the way, hanging them on brackets near the window and used the nasty toilet.  Much better.

Later I had to go again.  This time I returned to the restroom planning to clean it up.  I was going to mop up the water, move the plants and clean the windows.  When I opened the door, light spilled out.  Someone had installed fluorescent lights in the high ceiling and done some repair on the floor.

There was a guy on a cell phone.  I was able to determine from his conversation that he was in charge of restroom remodeling.  I told him about all the problems.