Calibrating the Samsung UN65FH6001

UN65FH6001FXZAThe Samsung UN65FH6001 TV  was a great deal at Best Buy for $999.  Pretty good for a 65 inch TV.  It is basically the same as the 6002, and 6003 models and the EH models.

It has a damn good picture for a cheaper model TV.  What makes it cheaper?  It doesn’t have all the “smart” stuff that nobody needs anyway.  My Blu-Ray player and WDTV Live already have all that.  What I wanted was a good HD monitor and the UN65HF6001 fits perfectly in the quality and price range.

This TV seems to be very energy efficient.  I measure Zero watts when it is off and only 64 Watts when on.  That’s pretty amazing for such a large screen. It gives off virtually no heat.

Like most other TVs it needs to be properly calibrated for the best picture.  I used a calibration DVD and blue filter to tweak the settings.  You can just plug in my numbers into your TV and get a pretty good picture.

I’ve had the TV now for about 4 months and have spent a lot of time adjusting it for proper color reproduction and a pleasing look to the eye.  Here’s what I have come up with:

Updated 4-16-2014

Mode: Movie
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 100
Brightness:  50
Sharpness: 50
Color: 60
Tint(G/R): G42 /R58


Color Space: Native
Gamma: +2
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: +5


R-Offset: 27
G-Offset: 25
B-Offset: 28
R-Gain: 18
G-Gain: 24
B-Gain: 21


Color Tone: Warm1
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Normal
Film Mode: Off
Auto Motion Plus: Clear
LED Motion Plus: On


Each Mode: Standard, Movie, and Dynamic have their own settings.  You will have to tweak each one if you plan on using more than one.  Set your numbers in Movie  mode and leave it.

I will update this page as I continue to tweak the set.  Bookmark it and check back often for the latest numbers.

If you would like to calibrate your TV yourself all you need is  a calibration disk like Spears and Munsil available on for 30 bucks.  If you are more serious you can get a calibration system like the Datacolor Spyder for $124.  You could of course have a professional come calibrate it but that would cost you as much as the TV.  The disk or the spyder will do a good enough job to get you 90% to a perfect picture.


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  1. I thing Samsung has the right idea and some of their TV’s have what’s called “Direct” LED or “Backlit” LED other use what is known as “Side” Lit LED or “Edge” Lit LED Backlit is best

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