Portable DirecTV dish for my RV

Portable dish set up and connected in my backyard.

I just finished setting up my new portable DirecTV dish for when I go RVing.  I got the whole kit for around $127 on Amazon.  Yeah.  I know that going camping is a time to get away from the annoyances of real life but I found during my first experimental outing that boredom comes quickly. Especially when you are with someone and have nothing to talk about.

These days we are accustomed to a barrage of input from our computers, phones, games and televisions.  After a certain amount of time away you might return to simpler times.  And that’s probably the point of camping.  However.  I bought a motorhome and that’s not exactly “camping”.  It’s more of a temporary change of address.

Still. It is better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it, right?  I’ll just bring my Home Theater DVR along with me.

Another good reason:  Because I can.

I was planning to buy a used dish and set build it all myself but a used dish is selling for $70+ on ebay and I would have to buy other stuff too.  Just getting a whole kit saved a lot of time and did not cost that much more.

Setting up the dish took me only about 30 minutes.  It was an easy assembly.  No instructions were necessary.  For the common man, the most difficult part will be aligning the dish to the satellite.   The DirecTV receiver will give you the Azimuth, Elevation and Tilt angles on your TV screen.  It is just a matter of leveling the tripod then dialing them in.

Since my planned trips are mostly within 100 miles of San Antonio I can pretty much permanently set all the adjustments and just level and align the dish using a compass.  If I go on a long journey, adjusting is a breeze.  There are even apps for that.

All praise the great god of entertainment!