Police using deadly force

It is something we are seeing much more often these days.  Police shooting at mothers and children when such action is not even close to being necessary.   It is often something as simple as a traffic stop where the mother freaks out and drives away from the arresting officers.  Instead of just chasing the car, the cops pull out guns and start shooting at the vehicle which contains children.

It makes you wonder what kind of cops we are hiring these days.  What makes a person want to be a policeman?  It is likely a person back from the war with PTSD or just some guy of the street on a power trip.  Of course not all cops are like this but we don’t seem to be filtering out the crazy ones.

You often see a cop shooting a child armed with a water pistol.  I can see where they might be afraid that they will be shot and use deadly force to prevent it but is that even the answer?  The job of a policeman is to serve and protect.  That means to protect others.  Not themselves.   A policeman should be more concerned about the public and be prepared to die if necessary.   To shoot in self-defense is not always appropriate.

It would also be wise to shoot to disable not kill.  A shot in the leg would be just as effective in stopping someone as a shot in the chest.  Deadly force should be the last option.  Not the first.

Something needs to change in law enforcement.  I feel that it will be changing soon as incidents become more common.