Who is God?

gdhmrIt is  yet another of the world’s eternal questions.  Who exactly is God?

When you are sitting all by yourself in the darkness feeling incredible loneliness that nobody cares about.  All you want to do is cry.  You wipe your tears and look up to the sky and pray one last time that someone will help you.

God is the one who ignores you.


One thought on “Who is God?

  1. Gary Pete

    “GOD” was invented by people who were scared, superstitious and full of fear – there might be some kind of “higher power” but NOT what we have been told – think of it as Spirit, Energy, or Pure Consciousness, whatever works for you – I’m sure it’s not Santa Claus –
    AND I don’t think that ‘god’ knows or cares about the affairs of men and certainly is not directly involve in them (does not ‘intercede’)

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