Is it normal….?

nrmlIt is a funny thing to come across as you surf the web to find answers to your burning questions. People often begin their queries with, “Is it normal to…”

I find it disturbing to see people wondering about the normality of something.  Often it is something that cannot be quantitatively analyzed without an exhaustive study.  Something that may never be studied.

What is “normal?”  One person’s normal is another’s insanity.  Normality changes with geographic location, culture, and beliefs. Even common things that might be considered normal by society are perhaps, wrong by morality yet accepted anyway.

Worse than seeing someone ask the question, “Is it normal to…” is seeing a closed-minded answer of, “No.”  It makes me cringe.

Normal implies conformity.  Conformity is stagnation.  Nothing is gained by being a “normal” conformist.  Thinking outside the box gets you advancement.  Is that all you want out of life is to be normal?  There’s a bigger world out there.  Wake up and see it.


One thought on “Is it normal….?

  1. Gary Pete

    “normal” is just a number, what ‘most’ people do – i don’t want to be like everyone else – it’s important to be yourself, and do what makes you happy

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