Quick Product Review – Oscar Mayer Carving Board Turkey Breast

omcvtIt is not often that I am impressed by packaged food but I happened upon this one by accident and must say something.

In a world of processed and sliced meats it is nice to find what appears to be actual slices of turkey breast in a box.  Processed lunch meats were once real meat before being finely ground and mixed into a paste to which all kinds of chemicals are added.  Finally congealed and sliced into slimy, paper-thin, flappy wafers of questionable content.


I didn’t break out my magnifying glass or microscope but Oscar Mayer’s Carving Board Turkey looks to be actual meat sliced right from the bird.  The texture is far better than regular processed meats. A close visual inspection indicates the grain of the muscle and the edge still has the skin or at least the baked surface.

I will be adding this product to my regular purchase list.  Hooray for real food!


I just learned that this and most lunch meats contain sodium nitrite.  It’s a poison used to kill wild hogs and is used in small amounts to quickly cure and preserve deli meat.  Pretty much everything we eat these days is going to kill us but eating poison voluntarily doesn’t seem like a good idea.  We can’t avoid eating all lunchmeat But I’m going to attempt to cook my own chicken and slice it for sandwiches rather than using processed foods.

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