Shorts in school now? Clothing Trends suck

shrtsAs I drive home from work early I see children getting out of school.  They are wearing shorts!  (Let’s ignore the fact that it is December and 45 degrees outside.)

The point is, When did this happen?  When I was in high school we were NOT allowed to wear shorts to class.  The only time shorts were allowed was in gym class and marching band practice.  And this was the 80’s.  The decade of shorts. When shorts were shorts.

This saddens me that I had to suffer wearing long pants to school in 100 degree summer weather for no reason.  It is stupid how times change.

I guess time will surprise you with what happens next.  Just a decade or two earlier girls were not allowed to wear pants.  My sister who is 15 years older than me was sent home because she wore pants to school.  She had to change into a skirt or something.  Is that weird or what?

Times don’t change like you might expect either.  In the 70s and 80s, all of us boys wore tiny short shorts.  I enjoyed the fact that clothes were getting smaller and looked forward to the future when we would be able to wear speedos or go naked wherever we wanted to.

Funny how that didn’t work out.  Suddenly, instead of wearing less clothing we suddenly changed to wearing more clothing.  Now a man must pretty much cover his whole body even when swimming.  Kind of reminds me of the early 1900s when people wore full body woolen bathing suits.

We have come full circle.  It proves the fact that those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it.  I guess in another 25 years we will be back to nearly naked again.  Too bad I’ll be too old to enjoy it if I’m still alive.

Clothing trends suck.