Dreamblog – Under the Backyard

I was at my childhood home.  Winter was coming so we were moving the plants to a safe place.  I pulled up a peach tree from the front yard.  It was weird because there were not roots yet it was growing just fine.  I decided to move it to the back yard under the pecan tree for the winter.

In the back yard I found a spot where the grass wasn’t growing so I started to dig a hole for the peach tree.  After digging about four inches I hit cement.  I broke through the cement and found an empty space.  I saw a large pipeline running towards the house.  I called my brother to show him because was telling him about the pipeline once before.

I leaned down through the hole and looked under the pecan tree. There were a few roots that had broken through the cement but not enough to hold the tree up.  I wondered why the tree hadn’t fallen over.

It was starting to rain and I noticed water leaking into the room.  There were some automatic sump pumps that pumped the water out.

I jumped down the hole into the room.  It was as large as the yard.  There were some file cabinets and furniture.  It was like a fallout shelter or a basement.  It must have been my father’s hideout.

On one of the filing cabinets was a small 12 inch tube TV that was still on.  I thought about how it had been on all alone in this room for 40 years.  On the other file cabinet my brother found some glass slides containing images from Star Trek.  He said he was going to play with them.  I told him to put them back because they might be valuable now.

I woke up before I could investigate further.