Dreamblog – World War One

I was an American soldier in an English hospital with a broken leg.  There was a British soldier in the room with me.  An American reporter came in to the room to do a story on me.  I told him my injury was not war related and would not make a good story.  He looked disappointed.  I told him there were plenty of other American soldiers in the hospital. Just go look around.

As the British soldier helped me down the stairs the hospital became my house.  It was 2:00 am but it was strangely bright outside.  I went out the back door and noticed that the overcast clouds were reflecting the light from the city making it look like it would on an overcast day.  I heard whistling from the other side of the fence.  As I peeked over the fence I saw a man walking his dog.  Other people were out washing their cars and doing yard work.  All in the middle of the night!