Goodbye Flu!

I am feeling much better today.  It has been the first time in a week that I have not needed to use nose spray to breathe.  I still have a cough but it is not as bad.  I finally have energy to clean up all the medicine wrappers and junk laying on the floor.

I can tell that I am better using the Stair Test.   This test has always been a good indicator of my physical health.  If I bound up the stairs easily skipping steps then I am doing great.  When it takes me forever going one step at a time then I know something is wrong.  For a while there I was taking one step then resting then doing the next.  That’s bad.

I met my mom for lunch today.  Normally I would spend the day at her house but in order to prevent making her sick it was best we just meet somewhere.  It was really nice to see a friendly face.  That alone healed me significantly.  I feel 50% better afterwards than when I got up this morning.

Loneliness feeds upon itself and when you are sick it becomes exponentially worse.  As part of my personal challenge to feel better quickly I am going around with some cleaner and attempting to disinfect the house.  It gives me reason to move and moving is half the battle.   I watched so much TV over the last week.  Good thing I had a DVR full of stuff and luckily scheduled South Park and Futurama marathons.

I saw on the news that Texas is on top of the Flu list this year.  I guess I am one of the casualties even though I did not go to the doctor to be counted.  The flu is something you just have to wait out.  The doctor can’t help you anyway unless it turns into some kind of bacterial infection like pneumonia.

I am going to have to be far more careful about my health.  I don’t want to go too far though.  One could go around in a HazMat suit but that could be a bit inconvenient.