Dreamblog – The Jet pack and the Motorcycle

jtpkThe Jet pack

I was at a scientist’s house.  He was showing me a flying car he was working on.  It wasn’t quite finished yet.  He handed me a jet pack and said, “Here.  You can play with this.”   I strapped it on and hit the button.  It lifted me off the ground but just barely a few feet.  I pressed the button harder and kicked with my feet and was able to get it up into the air.  I flew around carefully avoiding the million power lines crisscrossing above me.

Eventually I had gone quit a distance and saw that the fuel level was getting low.  I turned around to go back but had totally lost my way.  The fuel gauge started beeping so I found a place to land just barely in time before the jet pack ran out of fuel.   Now I was walking but had no idea how to get back.  I didn’t even know the scientist’s name so I could look up his address and return the pack to him.

The Motorcycle

I was with a friend who wanted to go for a motorcycle ride.  Neither of us owned motorcycles and he had never driven one.  Suddenly he had his so I got mine.  We were out riding between towns.  It was very dangerous.  It started to rain as we came down a large hill.  He pulled off into a grassy area.  There was someone else with us.  I had something wrong with the wiring in my headlight so I started to fix it.  I asked for a hand with it and they started clapping.  I always hated that joke.