Why is it so hard to share things with others?

I give up

One of the few things that make life worth living is being able to share the things you love with others.  For some reason humanity has made this extremely difficult. You would think people would be happy when you give them something.  I am having a hard time understanding this one.

When I see a movie I really like I think about how a friend might enjoy it.  I give them the disk and they don’t even bother watching it.  It just sits there for years and gets returned unwatched.

Try to share your favorite music?  Nope.  They make some stupid comment about it.

Take them to do something you really enjoy.  They just sit there waiting for it to be over.

No wonder I am all alone. There’s nobody out there like me.  I give up trying to share good things.  It is best to keep them to yourself so they retain all of their awesomeness.


What is a house?

emtyfldHave you ever thought about the house you live in?

It is the place you spend a lot of your life but what is it really?  It is maybe a slab of concrete with a bunch of wood and drywall.  Take it away with the rest of the neighboring houses and where are you sitting?  On a couch in the middle of an empty field.  Maybe some cows grazing on green grass?  Maybe a field of corn? A forest of tall, green trees?  That’s what it once was.

Think fourth dimensionally and try to get your head around it.  Zoom up into the sky and look down upon the endless vista of roofs and streets.  This was once just beautiful nature before Humanity defiled it.  What have we done?

2014 State of the Union Address

stotuI’m sitting here watching President Obama give the State of the Union Address.  That’s when the president talks a lot about what he is going to do but never does.  He can’t do anything because Congress is too evenly split.  There used to be a large group of members who weren’t too far left or right.  They could vote either way on an issue.  An evenly split, far left and far right membership guarantees deadlock.

It’s also amazing that they allow the whole government sit there in the same room.  Talk about an opportunity for a terrorist attack.  Can you believe they haven’t nuked the capital during an address?  I think the terrorists are incompetent.   They should not allow such a gathering.  Our whole leadership could be gone in a second.

He talks about creating jobs.  I’m so tired of this subject.  You can’t just CREATE jobs.  It’s impossible.  The world doesn’t work that way.  It’s just something he thinks the people want to hear.  Clap clap clap clap.

He talks big talk about turning to renewable energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.  This I would like to see but I’m not holding my breath.  We were on the way until the US put a tariff on cheap Chinese solar panels.  That stunted our green energy expansion overnight.

He calls for immigration reform.  I doubt that it is what we think it is.  It isn’t “Round them up and ship them out” so what good is it?

He asks congress to restore the expired unemployment payments.  I don’t agree.  I think people need to get jobs and support themselves.  I shouldn’t have to pay for that.  If you can’t find a job then MAKE a job.  The Walgreens down the street has a help wanted banner.

He asks for education reform.  This I agree with but it doesn’t have to cost money.  Just change the rules.  Teaching to the test is obviously wrong.  Doesn’t anybody care?  Teach them what they need to know and do it well.  That’s what matters.  That is the way it was when I went to school.

Equal pay for equal work for women.  I’m not sure this is really an issue.  Who says they make less than a man?  That stopped happening decades ago.

Raising the minimum wage.  This just perpetuates inflation.  When you give your employees big raises, you have to raise the price of your products.  Then you have to give your employees more raises so they can afford the higher priced products.  Then you have to raise prices….   It goes on and on.  Prices need to be fixed.  That way raises are never needed and everyone can live easily.  Even better, reset the economy so bread is once again 5 cents and gas is 25 cents a gallon.  Set the wages appropriately and keep it there.   Workers also need to learn to live within their budget.  Poor people can’t all drive a Lexus no matter how much they want one.  Ooops.  Should have paid attention in school and gotten a good education.  I did.

Houses for everyone.  Buzzzzzzz.  Houses are for people who have good jobs.  Cheap apartments and trailers are for those who don’t.

The affordable care act.  This is just treating the symptoms.  The real problem is the overpriced costs of drugs and medical care.  You know this is true.  Stop ignoring the elephant in the room.  Regulate drug prices and medical care and stop insurance fraud.  If we don’t address the actual problems then prices will just continue to skyrocket.  This won’t help anything.

Standing up for everyone’s right to vote.  Didn’t we fix that back in the 50’s?  What we need is online voting so everyone can vote on every issue every time.  This representative thing is broken.  The people need to have the power.  Not the lobbyists.

Supporting Afghanistan.   Who cares.  Screw them if they can’t handle their own business.  Bring our people home and let Allah sort them out.

Supporting our military. No doubt!  We once had a powerful military.  Now? Not so much.  Just a bunch of regular people in crappy uniforms.  I saw them at Chipotle today.  We need a kick ass military with more futuristic weapons and armor like in the video games.  Cool!

Eliminate chemical and nuclear weapons.  Yeah.  Good luck with that.

Supporting Israel.  Yeah.  I don’t care about that either.  Isn’t God supposed to be on their side?  The chosen people? Why do they need our help?

Good health care for veterans.  I would think that would be a no-brainer.  Why is this a problem?  If it is a money issue then regulate drug and health care prices.


How Dangerous is Driving?

trffkI was on my way home from community band practice and I thought about myself driving down the highway.  We all take it for granted now.  We get in our 1 ton or larger vehicle and hurtle down the highway at ludicrous speed mere inches from other vehicles piloted by people who may hardly be qualified to handle more than walking and chewing gum at the same time. We are trusting these total strangers with our lives.

Even worse, these people may be rocking out, talking on the phone or even worse, texting or browsing the internet.  Few of them are unconscious to the serious danger they are in.  Possibly just mentally unconscious in general.

Even your own vehicle can betray you.  If you had a blowout at 65 MPH, you could be a dead man. It’s something we had probably best not think about too much.

In a city like San Antonio, you can’t live without a vehicle.  Everything is miles from where you are.  You HAVE to drive.  There are some people to manage to live by taking the bus but I can’t imagine.  Like Homer said, “Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians.”  Besides, the bus doesn’t pick you up at your house and does not drop you off at work so what good is it?

Every day there are thousands of fatal accidents across the United States.  It’s actually quite amazing that is isn’t millions considering what we are doing and how many people are doing it all at the same time.  Just the amount of gasoline consumed is mind-boggling.

The whole personal transportation is a mega-miracle performed by every single one of us every day and we are all going to wake up and do it again tomorrow.  Can you get your head around it?  Do you even remember driving to work today?

Quick Movie Review – Flowers in the Atttic

flwrsintattkWow, This is one twisted movie.

Spoilers ahead…

Four children are kept locked in the attic of their grandmother’s house after the death of their father.  Now, having no income,  the mother brings the family to the old mansion in order to win back her dying father’s love in order to be restored to his will.

The grandmother is a real bitch.  Deeply set in religious superstition, she is the most serious person you’ve ever seen.  Having illegitimate children is an unforgivable sin in this house among others.  In order to get her inheritance, the mother is to be re-married.  Nobody is to know about the children.  She begins poisoning them. Four graves are dug in the forest.

I sure hope there are not actually people out there that could be so materialistic that money is more important than family.  The crazy woman should have just gotten a job like everyone else.


Mental Status Report

hpYou know.  I feel better than I have for so many years.  I don’t know whether it is permanent or just a winter thing.  I often feel better about life in the winter because the summer heat really gets me down.  But this time it feels deeper than usual.  It’s more than just a seasonal thing.

I’ve done my best to avoid thinking unnecessarily.  As I wrote before, thinking is the root cause of unhappiness. Spending large amounts of time wanting the things in life that I cannot have is a major downer.  Love, family, close friends, land in the country in Colorado.  There’s no point in agonizing over these things.  It’s about letting go.  I care not for these things.  Well, at least 80% not caring.

I feel that my two decade long mid-life crisis might be over.  The world has become a better place.

Think happy thoughts for me.

Proof of Existence

girlsmileThis evening I decided to go out for Friday Nachos.  I don’t do it every Friday but sometimes it’s good to treat yourself.  Besides Taco Cabana has half price nachos between 4-7pm.

As I got out of my car a young woman was coming out of the restaurant.  As usual, I looked at her and smiled.  She looked me in the eye and smiled back.  Just for a few milliseconds but it was really good for me.

As an invisible person, I wander the planet amidst the zombie hoards and begin to question my own existence.  Am I really here?  Can anyone see me?

When a girl looks at me and smiles, it reminds me that I am not just a figment of my own imagination.  Perhaps I am a physical being after all.