Time is really speeding up now

tmvrtx2Have you noticed how time is really speeding up now?  The universe is spinning closer and closer to the bottom of the time vortex.  It won’t be long now until we go down the black hole at the bottom.

A hundred years ago in the early 1900s, time was relatively slow.  I would say that was about the period that our universe reached the lip of The Vortex.  Before that, the universe floated gently on the surface of time.  As it was first sucked into The Vortex, it spun slowly around the edge, time began to speed up.  It took a while because particles on the outer edge rotate slowly.

Through the mid and late 1900s, the universe descended further down the funnel and spun faster and faster.  Time sped up again.  Most people didn’t notice it because the change was gradual and imperceptible to regular folk.    Some of us who are more in tune with the universe can see the difference.

Now it is the first part of the 2000s.  Our speck of a universe is reaching the bottom of The Vortex.  Time is going incredibly fast.  Can you see it?  Maybe you need some examples.

Remember the slow, lazy days of summer back in the 70s?  Time was relatively slow compared to now.  School was out for so long you forgot all your friends. There was so much time to do anything you wanted to.  Eventually you looked forward to a new school year.  Now, summer vacation is over in a blink.  What happened?  You missed it!  Back to school with you!

Remember watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when it was still being produced?  What? About ten years ago?  Nope.  That was 18 years ago.

Remember the planes flying into the World Trade Center about three years ago?  Nope.  That was 13 years ago.

Remember the tsunami that started the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan last year?  Nope.  That was 3 years ago.

Holy crap!  Time is going so fast right now.  It is obvious that we are near the bottom of The Time Vortex.  There can’t be much time left before we fall through the black hole.  What will happen?  Will time go so fast that we are stretched infinitely thin?  Will we see the effects in other ways?  Newborn children will be dying of old age in a matter of months.

People are already spinning wildly around like tops trying to keep up with the shortening days and months.  Hours go by in a blink.  One morning you wake up in bed.  The next minute you notice that you are back in bed again for the evening.  Did the day even happen?  Did I miss it?  Where did it go?  How many of these have gone by?

I think our universe may have around 10-20 years left, tops.  Enjoy what time we have left while you can.  Our only chance to save ourselves is to find a way to pass to another universe.  Hopefully one that is still floating peacefully far, far away from the Time Vortex.