Finally played the golf!

plyglfIt was an awesome perfect day today so I decided to force myself to go out in to the sunny, 75 degree weather and play a round of golf.   It is something I have been yearning to do for many years now.

Of course I went alone.  In fact, I was even the only person on the whole course.  There were a number of people on the practice range but I had the links to myself.  It doesn’t get any more perfect than that!  Nobody behind me to rush my game.  Nobody ahead of me to harsh it.  Sweet!  Kind of weird considering the 10 billion people in this city.  Of course they are mostly zombies and zombies don’t usually play golf.

I am hardly a quality golfer and have played very few games.  About ten or fifteen years ago I took a community education class to learn the basics.  After playing a little my clubs pretty much sat in the closet making dust because I had nobody to play with or encourage me.  I have always wanted to play again but when it is 105 degrees outside, it’s not so enticing.  A nice January cool sunny day is the way to go.

It was a small nine-hole course but nine holes was enough for my first attempt anyway.  It went relatively well.  I even hit par a couple of times.  I don’t take my golf game seriously and that’s a good thing.  It was an excellent exercise in NOT being too serious.  I had fun and that was the point.

I hope to visit a few more courses before the summer comes and spoils it all.  I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Not doing something you want to do for a very long time can be psychologically damaging.  I feel a little bit healed today.