In the news – People surprised that heaters are hot

heaterhotABC News is reporting that there are more than 1000 house fires every year caused by space heaters.  They demonstrated that placing a cloth or window curtain on the face of the heater causes it to burst into flame.  A fireman measured the temperature of a space heater using an infrared camera.  It showed 800 degrees.  The interviewer commented, “Wow! Who knew it got that hot?”

OMG!   What kind of people are we raising in this country?

Heat is Hot!  It is lesson number one that used to be learned in life.

Now days parents coddle their children and make sure they don’t burn their fingers, fall down and scrape there knee, or get a paper cut.  The children are not learning the important lessons and it is now it is showing up in real life as adults have no idea.

Have you ever seen the movie, “Idocracy?”   Everyone should see it because that is where we are headed.

Be afraid!