Solar Panel Update

Daily Solar Power

My little solar panel project is doing quite well.  As you can see by the chart above, it is generating 2.5 to 5 Kilowatt Hours per day depending on whether it is cloudy or sunny.   You can see what the weather has been like by looking at the chart.

Monthly Solar Power

This chart shows the monthly totals.  You can see that in June, when I added the additional four panels, the total energy generated jumps from 63k WH to 212 kWh.  As the sun moves further south during the winter you can see the power go down to 115 kWh.  Still pretty good.

cpsbillHere is the summary from my power bill for December.  Natural gas usage is way up because it was a rather cold month but actual electricity usage only cost me $45.01.  Considering that on a sunny day I get 5 kWh of free energy, that is equivalent to running a 1000 Watt heater for five hours.  I am going to try to use my space heater instead of the central gas furnace to take better advantage of it and see how that compares with the cost of gas.

Science is fun.



2 thoughts on “Solar Panel Update

  1. devriendj

    Wow! It’s hard to argue with the savings solar power brings when the charts clearly show it! I know the Sacramento solar companies (I live in Sacramento County) have rebate programs, too, with the local utilities. Do you have anything like that in your area? Are those savings included?

  2. They have a rebate program but since my installation is a hobby thing and is more of a guerrilla solar project I can’t take advantage of it. I would have to have it professionally installed, get permits and inspections. Too much trouble. It’s more fun this way anyway. The whole system of six panels and micro-inverters cost me less than $1000.

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