Mental Status Report

hpYou know.  I feel better than I have for so many years.  I don’t know whether it is permanent or just a winter thing.  I often feel better about life in the winter because the summer heat really gets me down.  But this time it feels deeper than usual.  It’s more than just a seasonal thing.

I’ve done my best to avoid thinking unnecessarily.  As I wrote before, thinking is the root cause of unhappiness. Spending large amounts of time wanting the things in life that I cannot have is a major downer.  Love, family, close friends, land in the country in Colorado.  There’s no point in agonizing over these things.  It’s about letting go.  I care not for these things.  Well, at least 80% not caring.

I feel that my two decade long mid-life crisis might be over.  The world has become a better place.

Think happy thoughts for me.


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