Quick Movie Review – Flowers in the Atttic

flwrsintattkWow, This is one twisted movie.

Spoilers ahead…

Four children are kept locked in the attic of their grandmother’s house after the death of their father.  Now, having no income,  the mother brings the family to the old mansion in order to win back her dying father’s love in order to be restored to his will.

The grandmother is a real bitch.  Deeply set in religious superstition, she is the most serious person you’ve ever seen.  Having illegitimate children is an unforgivable sin in this house among others.  In order to get her inheritance, the mother is to be re-married.  Nobody is to know about the children.  She begins poisoning them. Four graves are dug in the forest.

I sure hope there are not actually people out there that could be so materialistic that money is more important than family.  The crazy woman should have just gotten a job like everyone else.