How Dangerous is Driving?

trffkI was on my way home from community band practice and I thought about myself driving down the highway.  We all take it for granted now.  We get in our 1 ton or larger vehicle and hurtle down the highway at ludicrous speed mere inches from other vehicles piloted by people who may hardly be qualified to handle more than walking and chewing gum at the same time. We are trusting these total strangers with our lives.

Even worse, these people may be rocking out, talking on the phone or even worse, texting or browsing the internet.  Few of them are unconscious to the serious danger they are in.  Possibly just mentally unconscious in general.

Even your own vehicle can betray you.  If you had a blowout at 65 MPH, you could be a dead man. It’s something we had probably best not think about too much.

In a city like San Antonio, you can’t live without a vehicle.  Everything is miles from where you are.  You HAVE to drive.  There are some people to manage to live by taking the bus but I can’t imagine.  Like Homer said, “Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians.”  Besides, the bus doesn’t pick you up at your house and does not drop you off at work so what good is it?

Every day there are thousands of fatal accidents across the United States.  It’s actually quite amazing that is isn’t millions considering what we are doing and how many people are doing it all at the same time.  Just the amount of gasoline consumed is mind-boggling.

The whole personal transportation is a mega-miracle performed by every single one of us every day and we are all going to wake up and do it again tomorrow.  Can you get your head around it?  Do you even remember driving to work today?


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