Why is it so hard to share things with others?

I give up

One of the few things that make life worth living is being able to share the things you love with others.  For some reason humanity has made this extremely difficult. You would think people would be happy when you give them something.  I am having a hard time understanding this one.

When I see a movie I really like I think about how a friend might enjoy it.  I give them the disk and they don’t even bother watching it.  It just sits there for years and gets returned unwatched.

Try to share your favorite music?  Nope.  They make some stupid comment about it.

Take them to do something you really enjoy.  They just sit there waiting for it to be over.

No wonder I am all alone. There’s nobody out there like me.  I give up trying to share good things.  It is best to keep them to yourself so they retain all of their awesomeness.