Property Taxes – They can take your house away from you!

pptytxDid you know that if you don’t pay your property taxes the city can take your house away from you?  Wait.  Did you hear what I said?

A retired person who worked all their life to pay off their mortgage can lose their house if they can’t afford to pay their property taxes.  A house that cost them their entire youthful life and hundreds of thousands of dollars doesn’t actually belong to them.  The cops can come and throw you out just like that.

Property taxes are so high anyway that a person who has worked all their life to afford their retirement ends up just giving away huge chunks of it.  Forget about the fact that we already gave close to 40% away to payroll taxes.   They want even more when you can least afford to part with it.

Wait a second.  Quick GPS check to make sure I am still in the United States.  Yes.

Can this happen in the U.S.?  Doesn’t this sound like some kind of Soviet thing?  “You no pay taxes, we take house. You go now.”

Doesn’t this bother anyone?  Death and Taxes are unavoidable but there needs to be some change here.  Taking someone’s house is worse than a death penalty.  What are they supposed to do now?  If they could afford to buy another house then they would have been able to pay their taxes. I propose a less horrible penalty for not paying taxes.  There have to be less terrible alternatives.   Maybe community service?  Come on!

I suggest at least not requiring retired people to pay tax.  They hardly leave the house anyway.

Please do something about this injustice.  This is not the American Way!



2 thoughts on “Property Taxes – They can take your house away from you!

  1. It’s part of the deal. You know this going in–they don’t just spring it on you. It’s supposed to give you incentive to get a job. It’s also why ‘winning’ an amazing home can be a bad thing–the property tax goes up with the general awesomeness of the home, and if you win a home you can’t afford, you can lose it almost as fast.

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