The Moaning of Life – Kids

tmngolfI have been watching The Moaning of Life with Karl Pilkington on the Science Channel. The show follows Karl as he travels the world investigating the meaning of life.

In this episode Karl looks at having kids.  He is kind of like me in the way that I really don’t want any children.  I do but logic clearly dictates that they are more trouble than they are worth. I want the benefits but not the challenges and the challenges obviously outweigh the benefits.

I like kids like I like dogs.  I prefer to spend time with other people’s kids and dogs.  Then when I’m done, I can just go away.  Of course I have not been spending time with other people’s kids either.  I would love to but I don’t know anyone with kids.  None of my friends have children.  Not even nearby neighbors.  I would love to just go out and play like I did when I was young.

My cousins have kids but they are far away and the children are girls.  I have a hard time relating to girls. (Women too for that matter.)  I can see why men want to have boys.  It’s just more fun.

Karl assists with childbirth in Japan.  He doesn’t do well.  I don’t blame him.  It’s a rather nasty thing.

Karl goes to Indonesia and plays with little barefoot kids.  He gets his head painted and goes fishing. He doesn’t really get into it.  I would have a great time and never want to leave.

He goes to Los Angeles to have a couple of actors pretend to be 5 year olds for a couple who want to experience having children.  It’s weird but basically a good idea.  Surely you could get real kids for that.  Is it a child labor thing?They don’t have that problem in asia.  Kids work.

There are times when I would like to have a son but I know it will never happen.  I’m not too old at 45 but no younger woman would want me.  I will never have children.  My family bloodline ends with me.  It’s a dead-end.  I guess it’s OK.  I don’t have a thing about that.  There’s that thing where people believe that having children gives them immortality.  I don’t think so.  You still die and your kids are not you unless you can transplant your brain into their head.  DNA has no value in immortality.  It is a misconception.  (huh).