Judge Not!

jdgntJudging others has become a popular American Pastime.  Labeling people as evil, or bad or just not conforming has become a serious issue.  I am as guilty as anyone else.

About three years ago I taught myself not to judge others but it didn’t take long before I returned to my old ways having completely forgotten the lesson and the reason I learned it.

As I am driving down the road or sitting in a restaurant.  I look at those around me an immediately find fault with something they are doing or wearing.  Of course the issue with judging others is more internal than external.  If you act on it and somehow indicate to the other person that they are doing something wrong you are obviously hurting their feelings but even worse, you are hurting yourself.

By judging others you set up your internal monologue to find fault rather than let others be and appreciate the differences.  The world is full of weird people and rather than be angry about it I would be far better off to learn from it.  Live and let live.  Besides. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway so stressing unnecessarily will not do you any good.

I am making a conscious effort to expand my mind on this subject and hopefully learn it as a permanent lesson.