Can you be too efficient?

effncy I am an extremely efficient person.  Nothing happens in my life unless there is good reason.  I don’t leave the house if I don’t have at least two things to do to make the trip worthwhile.

In the winter I keep my house quite cold.  It can sometimes get down to 45 degrees inside.  It is not really uncomfortable for me though.  Other people can’t handle it but at my usual winter average temperature of 63 I am perfectly happy.

In the summer it pains me to have to use the Air Conditioner so much to keep it bearable.  I run it as efficiently as possible.

The main reason I don’t have a girlfriend and hence a family is because it would be so inefficient.  Something like that is a total splurge.

I bought a hybrid car because it gets 50 miles per gallon.  I would buy or build an electric car for my next vehicle.

I installed solar panels on my house.

I wondered about the root cause of my obsession with efficiency and I all leads back to Energy in some form or another.

Trace it back further and it probably leads to saving money.  I’m not poor and can easily afford to spend money on such things but I see it as one of the few ways that a person has to save some.  I enjoy it like a project and have a good time.

The old phrase, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” is totally still valid.  Many people have forgotten about that.  Every penny I save means I get to retire sooner and try to enjoy what is left of my life.  That’s my goal and efficiency is the path.