Is Milk good or bad for you?

mlkcwI’m sitting here with a nice cold mug of chocolate milk and wondering whether or not I should be drinking it.

As kids we were taught that milk, it does a body good.  Dairy is a good part of the food pyramid.  Lately I’ve been hearing quit a bit of talk that milk may not be good for you.  It is full of hormones and antibiotics that your body does not need.  It is also hardly milk anymore when it gets to you after it has been homogenized and all the fat removed for your 2% milk.  (Which, by the way, means 2% fat.  Not 2% milk.  I was wondering what the other 98 percent was when I figured this out.)

If we were to stop drinking milk, what would be our alternative?  What would we put on our cereal?  What about chocolate milk, cheese, yogurt, and Ice Cream?  I tried soy milk and almond milk and was not impressed.  They were actually rather gross. Maybe you could learn to like them. I guess they could come up with a completely chemical based milk-like formula but would that be a healthy choice?  Perhaps Soylent White is in our future.

Good or bad, milk is likely to be here to stay.  Big Milk will make sure of it anyway.  People have been drinking it for centuries and there are now 7 billion of us.  I guess hormones and all, it couldn’t be all that bad statistically speaking.


One thought on “Is Milk good or bad for you?

  1. Gary Pete

    too much of anything is bad for you , but milk in particular – it’s baby food, meant for putting on a lot of weight fast –
    people who guzzle a lot of milk (or eat a lot of cheese,) tend to get obese

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