The Moaning of Life – Marriage

tmngolfI have been watching The Moaning of Life with Karl Pilkington on the Science Channel. The show follows Karl as he travels the world investigating the meaning of life.

In this episode, the subject is Marriage. Karl is not keen on marriage to begin with.  He first goes to India where he visits a marriage broker to try an arranged marriage.  He answers a questionnaire and is matched with a woman.  He goes to meet her and her family where they interview him.

Next he becomes a wedding assistant in a huge Indian wedding.  It is quite an elaborate ordeal that goes on for five days.

He is then off to Las Vegas where he visits a drive through wedding chapel.  Karl likes this idea.  It’s quick and easy.

Finally he arranges a wedding for two people in a laundromat.  Their dirty laundry placed in a machine where they intermingle to represent their bond.  Not a bad idea.

Like Karl, I have never been a big fan of weddings or marriage in general.  It seems too formal and binding.  I kind of like the idea of having a marriage license that you have to renew every five years.  At that point either party can decide to just end it or have a go for another five years.   Wouldn’t that make it easier for everyone?

I kind of like the idea of arranged marriages.  If I was to ever get married, I think I would like someone else to pick the girl for me.  It avoids all the bother of dating and trying to determine compatibility.  You are just told who to marry and you live with it.  It would also help me avoid not wanting to get married.  You do it because you are told to by your parents.  No muss. No fuss.

I kind of like what I saw of Indian women.  I can imagine myself marrying one of them.  It seems possible to me unlike the impossibility of marrying an American woman.  There’s just something about American women that put me off.  They seem so self-absorbed and almost totally insane.  It has to be the environment they are raised in.  Women from India appear to be more loving and caring.  They seem far less insane.

I had a thing Chinese and Japanese women but both countries seem to be going the way of America.  It’s a shame.  I don’t know.  I am not going to waste any time thinking about it because I just don’t see any women in my future and I’m OK with that.

Marriage is for regular people.



2 thoughts on “The Moaning of Life – Marriage

  1. Gary Pete

    I’m terlIlng you, women are crazy and I can’t deal with them –
    they get a rIng on theIr fInger, and start actIng lIke they own you –
    I’d rather be alone than get Involved In someone else’s insanity.

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