The Moaning of Life – Death

tmngolfI have been watching The Moaning of Life with Karl Pilkington on the Science Channel. The show follows Karl as he travels the world investigating the meaning of life.

In this episode, Karl investigates death. Strangely enough, he is not as disturbed by death as most people are.

His first stop is in Accra, Ghana where he visits a custom coffin builder.  They make coffins in all kinds of shapes depending on what the person was like.  Things like cars and crabs.  Karl can only come up with the idea of being buried in a Twix bar.

He goes on to assist a local undertaker with preparing a body for a funeral.

Next stop, Taipei, Taiwan, where Karl learns to be a professional mourner.

On to Manila in the Philippines.  He visits Manila’s biggest cemetery where people actually live in the mausoleums and take care of the graves.  After five years, the body is removed and the grave site is reused.

His final stop is Sagada in the Philipines where he sees coffins attached to the side of a mountain.

The world is a silly place.

Back at home, the Twix coffin arrives.  It is really amazing.  It totally looks like a Twix package and has places for two.  Karl likes it but his girlfriend won’t allow him to keep it at home.

I once considered building my own coffin.  I don’t know where I would keep it though.  Some people use them as coffee tables.  Coffin tables!

Personally, I don’t have a problem with myself dying.   I kind of look forward to it.  I am tired of the struggle of life and would not mind some eternal rest.  The Earth is not my favorite place anyway.

I don’t know if I would want to be buried or cremated.  It really wouldn’t matter.  Nobody would ever visit my grave so there’s not much point in that.  Cremation would probably be more efficient.

It is likely that I will have to bury or cremate myself when I die.  There will be nobody around to do it for me.  I could dig a hole and build a mechanism that will dump the dirt into it after a certain amount of time.  I could crawl into the hole when I’m about to die and if I don’t reset the timer within five days, the system buries me.

I could also set up a system to burn my house down if I don’t respond in a certain amount of time.  That would handle it.

Otherwise I will just be lying there on the floor or bed for months or years before anybody even notices.  I guess it really won’t matter.  When you’re dead you really don’t care about such things.