Dreamblog – Walking to the doctor’s office

hrssI have not been doing a good job in remembering my dreams lately.  I remember having them but they disappear shortly after I wake up.  Maybe I have been too relaxed recently.  This morning I remember a snippet which I will share.

I was walking down the street in a small town on the way to see my doctor.  I could see the building across a beautiful green field so I decided to take a shortcut because I enjoy walking on grass.  I began to cross the field when I noticed that the grass was actually AstroTurf.  A group of horses galloped over a small hill and into the field toward me.  They stopped about 20 feet away but one continued up to me.  I held out my hand and he nuzzled and licked it.  I reached up to stroke his nose but he startled and backed away.  I was like, “OK. Whatever.” and continued my walk toward the building.

As I entered the building there was a boy with a bloody face being escorted by his family.  He had been kicked by a horse.  I guess it was one of the ones I met.

I walked up to the main desk and noticed the address on the wall was not the same address that I held on a slip of paper in my hand.  I told the attendant that I was in the wrong place and left.