Asprin-Music-Nachos Therapy

nchsEarlier I had posted that I felt that something terrible was about to happen.  Well it did.

This afternoon I was hit really hard by a depression wave.  I was sitting in my office at work when I suddenly remembered that my life was passing me by and I fell tumbling into the void. I walked out of work around 3:00 and went home with a tired-eyes headache.

After lying on the couch for a few hours I was hungry but nothing in the house looked good.  I wasn’t sure I was feeling up to going to get something but nachos sounded good.  I took some aspirin and hit the road to fight the rush-hour traffic.  When you just don’t care, traffic isn’t quite as bad.

I usually listen to tech podcasts in the car to occupy my mind and keep it from wandering too much.  Shortly after beginning my journey the last one ended.   Not wanting to be alone with my thoughts I fished out a CD of my favorite MP3s and put it in the slot.

The first album to play was Good Charlotte.  I was totally into pop-punk a decade or so ago and it wasn’t long before I was singing along and wishing the drive would not end.  After eating nachos and driving home I feel 100% better.   Maybe I’m on to a powerful combination.  Better remember this one for future incidents.