Trip Report – Medina Lake RV Outing

After becoming unamused with my daily job, I decided to pack up the RV and do a little get awaying. Since I get to store my 1982 Holiday Rambler Motorhome at work I parked my car and drove the RV home Friday after work. I loaded it up partially that night and finished if off with the perishables Saturday Morning and headed out.


The trip from my house to what is left of Medina Lake is only about 26 miles. This being my second time out in the ship and the first time solo I was still a but anxious. It’s an old machine but so far seems well made. The engine is hard to start at first but once the gas works its way into the carb, it roars to life. Hard racing, I pulled out of the neighborhood and down the street to fill up the tank at the nearby HEB grocery store. Another Motorhome was getting gas there too. I’m not the only one going camping in mid-February. The weather is actually quite nice. This morning’s low as 46 and it is expected to be partly cloudy and 75 degrees. Perfect weather by my standards.

I headed down the road out of town past the throngs of newly built subdivisions tightly packed as far as the eye can see on the former ranch lands. Sad. It wasn’t long until I reached the Texas Hill Country. I was worried about the Motorhome’s ability to handle the large hills but with a running start and the 7.5 liter V8 Ford Engine the hills were not really a problem.

It was only a matter of minutes and I was pulling into the RV resort of choice. I had ventured here in my car last month to scout it out. It looked rather nice so now I am returning. To stay two nights cost $67.00. Not bad. I can certainly afford that for a little vacation getaway.

I drove slowly around the area and found a nice spot. Backing the monster up into the spot was also a worry but it went amazing well due to the rear view camera I installed and the video I watched on YouTube. No problem. It’s one of the reasons I opted for a motorhome instead of a trailer. You have to be some kind of genius to back up a trailer. Motohome. Just a big car.

Img_0476I shut off the engine and extended the hydraulic landing gear.(Levelers). Sweet. Next I got out the hoses and connected the water, sewer, electricity and satellite dish. Bam! Just like home.

Tent camping is for chumps.

Img_0462I walked down to the empty valley that used to be Medina Lake. Water used to lap at your feet as you stand here but now there is none as far as the eye can see. A new forest of scrub brush is beginning to grow after years of drought to replace the vegetation that was here before the dam was built.

Img_0472There is no indication that a lake ever existed here other than the floating boat docks now resting sadly on the sloping hillside. There is actually still water in the lake but it is now miles away from here.

The lake is about 3.5% full.

Img_0480The lake bed is criss-crossed by car and deer trails.  I was glad I brought my bicycle along so I went back and got it.  I rode it down the boat ramp and then down into the lakebed.  I followed the trails for a few miles looking at the rocky hillsides and old dead trees that used to be covered by water.  If the dam had never been built it would look much like it does now.

Img_0486At one point right in the middle of the lake bed I cam across two wooden crosses made from cedar branches.  I was a little freaked out because here I was in the middle of nowhere with nobody around for miles.

If some gang happened upon me, I could end up like these two guys.

IMG_0481I got a little lost but was smart enough to use my “Find my car” app on my iPhone to mark where I was when I left.   It was funny to look at the Google map on the phone and see myself smack in the middle of a lake.  I used to scuba dive here and now I am riding on the bottom.  Funny and sad at the same time.

I got back to the RV and was really tired.  The schedule I received upon arrival indicated that there was an ice-cream-social at the activity center so I decided to go.  A dollar for three huge scoops of ice cream that I shouldn’t have eaten.  There were not many people there since it is technically winter.  Mostly old white yankees who came south to escape the harsh northern winter.  I ate my ice cream and left.  Not much to do there.

Img_0490Having read for a few hours I decided to catch the evening news on the Satellite dish. After that I lit up the Match-Light and grilled up a nice steak and potato dinner. Mmmm. No hot dogs here. I’m an adult now. We eat steak.

It wasn’t long before darkness fell. I got on my bike and rode half blind back to the lake shore to see the stars. There weren’t many to be seen because of the clouds. It is fun riding a bike in the dark. I have lights on it but didn’t bring my battery. I knew I should have but didn’t expect to be riding in the dark.

I went back to the RV and pulled out my oboe to get in my daily practice.  I have a concert coming up in just a few days. After that I walked out and there was a break in the clouds. I got to see a few stars. Orion is always the most obvious constellation. The Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt!

I took my evening shower. Nice hot water thanks to the propane water heater. Write my blog entry for later posting because there’s no WiFi. I think I’ll watch a little TV and enjoy a good night’s sleep with nothing to worry about for tomorrow. I will do as I please just like today. This is how people should live. Goodnight.


After sleeping as long as I could I got up to the sound of birds twittering outside my open window. The night was almost uncomfortably warm and humid but I managed to get a pretty good night’s rest. It was cloudy and gloomy outside so I turned on the TV for a bit. Around 10:00 I was starving. I had planned to make some egg breakfast tacos but forgot the eggs. It was close enough to lunch so I made myself a tuna salad sandwich.

Img_0491Not long after lunch the sun broke through the clouds. They predicted a cloudy, drizzly day but the sky turned clear blue and it was sun all day long. II spent the majority of the day in my hammock under the live oak trees reading my book. It has been a while since I’ve read so much at one time. It often takes me 3 to 6 months to read a book. I had to keep moving the hammock because the sun, peeking through the branches seemed to keep falling on the same place on my legs. I didn’t want a sunburn.

Img_0492By 3:00 I was getting hungry again so I started up some match-light and prepared to grill some fajitas. It didn’t take long and I had myself a great meal. After eating I took my small grocery bag of trash to the dumpster on my bike. It was getting really hot for a mid-February day. 85 and humid is too hot for physical activity so I called off my bike ride up the other direction on the lake bed. I considered biking up the road to the pool and hot tub but it was too hot for that too. Besides. I might have to talk to other people which is the reason I am on this vacation. I decided to skp that too.

I didn’t want to do it but it was so warm I closed the windows and turned on the air conditioner. Boy that feels good. RV amenities sure beat camping in a tent. Have I mentioned that before?

My plan for the evening is to watch the Sunday night Simpsons and other cartoons and maybe go lie out under the stars if they are still visible later. Just enjoying the darkness alone is something special since it never gets dark in San Antonio.

This vacation is not about doing things. It’s about relaxing. The main reason I came by myself was because when I go with someone else I have to spend too much energy either getting them to do something I want to do or wondering if they are having a good time. This way the only one I have to worry about is myself and I can do as I please. Now that’s relaxation!


I woke up around my usual work-morning time.  It was cloudy and gloomy so I watched a little TV and started stowing things for the trip back.  After a few episodes of Frasier I disconnected the life support lines.  The engine started up pretty easily and after a minute or two of warmup while I double checked things I was off.  The trip home was easy and relatively short.  I pulled into my driveway and unloaded.  I took a little time to fix a few things and swept out the floor.

After a lunch I drove the RV back to its free parking spot at work and came home in my car.  Sweet.

I am feeling much more confident about using the motor home now.  I plan to make a number of trips in the future.
It was a little weird at first being alone but in the end, it was totally way better than having to drag someone along.  Toats!

This trip could only have been better if the lake was full of water.  We could sure use some rain up in here.



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