Digiorno – I ate the whole thing.

pzzaOy.  Willpower I have not.

This evening I had a frozen Digiorno Pizza staring me in the face from the freezer shelf.  “Eat me!”, it said.  So I did.

Digiorno is not the best pizza but as frozen pizza goes, it’s certainly not bad.  It was a cold winter day so running the oven sounded nice anyway.  I popped in the pizza and after about 20 minutes it was ready.

I ate half of it and told myself I should stop.  I was all like, “Yeah, right!” so I had two more pieces.  Getting rather full now.  Only two pieces left.  Not enough for a meal later.  So I might as well polish it off.  Two more slices down the hatch.

Booof.  Too much pizza.  It’s a wonder I’m not all fat.  Good thing I have a great metabolism.  I never gain more than a few pounds and quickly lose it to get back to my regular weight.  I am perhaps a little softer around the edges than I should be but I like it like that.  It think I look good in my speedo and that is all that matters.

Now, Cholesterol and hardening of the arteries might be a concern for the future and somebody should probably do something about that.  Somebody…