Dreamblog – Living in California

I was suddenly living in San Francisco.  I heard on the radio the Leo Laporte was going to bring back his TV show, Call for Help.  The new studio was being built just down the street.  I thought it would be awesome to work for him so I set off to walk over and see if I could get in on it.

As I went down the street, a man walked up to me and gave me a weird hug then went on.  A friend I was walking with said he was sorry and should have warned me about that.  It was a pickpocket.  I remembered not bringing my keys or wallet but felt for them anyway.  My wallet was clipped to the outside of my front pocket rather than inside it.  The pickpocket had not stolen it.  I checked it and it looked normal so I put it inside my pocket.

I quickly became lost and realized I was going the wrong direction.  I turned around and somehow made it back to my house.   The house was tiny like a RV but part of a large building.  Some old work-related acquaintances were there and I started giving them the tour.  Right outside the door was the pool area.  We walked around the patio to the hot tub.  My uncle was sitting in a chair nearby and announced that the water temperature was 47 degrees.  That couldn’t be right because there were wisps of steam rising from the water.  I wondered if he meant Fahrenheit or Celsius.  A friend reached for the floating thermometer and verified that it said 47 degrees.  I was going to dip my foot in to check but the edges were made of slick stone and I fell in.   The water was warm but not hot.  Definitely not 47 degrees F.  (Google informs me that 47 degrees C is 116 degrees F. A bit too hot for what I was experiencing. Why is there not a degree symbol on my keyboard?)

We went back into the house to finish the tour.  Not only was it small like an RV but it was furnished much like one. High on the wall was a weird kind of cabinet or drawer partially covering another one.  I opened the door and saw an appliance plug hanging there not connected to anything.  I opened it further and found a small white appliance looking thing with a battery door and an S on it.  I concluded that it was a smoke alarm.  I wondered if it still worked since it was not plugged in and the battery was surely dead.